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Taryn Sisco aka the Barre Maven has been in the health and fitness industry since 2004.  She was a former professional dancer turned soccer/lacrosse mama of two boys.  She desperately tried to get them into a dance studio, but they preferred the sports field! Taryn turned to fitness and became a certified personal trainer as a way to keep her body moving while raising her boys.  She also found pilates helped her old dancer injuries and became MAT certified to bring that to her clients as well. But once she found BARRE Fitness she knew it was the workout that would not only transform her body, but also her life.  As a busy mom who had trouble fitting fitness into her life,  she decided to develop her

BARRE30 program to help other busy ladies! 


Barre30 is a full body barre fitness workout that is low impact yet high intesity designed to sculpt those muscles, tone that body and burn that fat...all in UNDER 30 MINUTES a day!  That's less than 2% of your day!   


Frederick, MD USA

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