I am taking 10 ladies into a Barre Bootcamp Group. This group will require FULL PARTICIPATION in all workouts/meal plans/daily check ins. I will be chatting individually with each of you during this session to help you CRUSH it! You will need to follow the meal plan component for all 6 weeks! This group will also need before and after pictures and measurements because we want to track results! And trust me this will be like no other program! 3 curated fat burning barre workouts workouts per week, 1 Barre new and intense BOOTCAMP workout, plus one cardio of your choice per week (running, trampoline, biking, barre tabata video etc.)


Get ready to see REAL RESULTS just in time for Summer - 7/8 - 8/2
4 Weeks - $68 ....that's $17 per week.  

Barre Bootcamp



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