3 WEEK sessions with a mix of 30 minute VIRTUAL classes that combine HIIT training with body-sculpting barre exercises to create that “perfect burn" Get a full-body workout that keeps the heart rate elevated while strengthening and toning muscles and building a strong core. 

SPRING SCULPT Classes include -

*Cardio Barre HIIT
*BARRE30 Sculpt
*Spring BOOTY Blast

Summertime is right around the corner...are you ready to CRUSH it! 




**You will need a squishy 7-9 inch Barre Core Ball (amazon, target, 5 below) or a small playground ball or accent pillow...ya know just something to squeeze between your legs ;) (insert joke here)

12 WORKOUTS, 3 WEEKS for $20, that's $1.60 per workout!

Spring Sculpt - BARRE30



    Frederick, MD USA

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